the ladies of tvd + being cute (pt. 2)

the ladies of tvd + being cute (pt. 2)

get to know me meme → [1/10] favorite female characters - Buffy Summers
I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about.

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∟killansprincess asked: robin hood or ruby?

Fan Question: Why doesn’t Lydia realize Stiles is meant for her? 
Holland I’m going to be very interested to see what the fans think after this season…personally, as Holland Roden. 

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Anonymous: Hi! I dreamed with Merlin last night and I really need to talk about it with a fellow ArMor fan. So, it was like they decided to produce a final-final episode. That mostly retconned everything from season 3 onwards, because so magical force decided they had to change the future. So literally, everyone woke up on Camelot on a different setting. Like, Morgana knew she was Uther's daughter, and she was evil-ish, but she had decided she would bring Camelot down from within [continues]

[cont.]so she carried on pretending she was everyone’s friend. Also, she had this whole net of sorcerers and priestess, and Merlin believed she was trying something good. Uther died, Arthur and Gwen got married and had a kid, but Arthur was completely into Morgana, all he cared about was her and they were so season 1, it was so beautiful, even their clothes were always matching. And Gwen was kinda ok with this, because secrets. Oh, and the kid adored Morgana. So Mordred appeared and they were fine for a while. But he was on her side on the evil plans to take over Camelot, so they made their big reveal of evil, and it would work because half the population was on Morgana’s side. Merlin decide to take a stand and fight her. For that, he would use Arthur and Gwen’s son, because it was profetized that only Arthur’s child could stop Morgana. But then, it didn’t worked because… bam-bam-bam, the boy was Leon’s kid! Gwen explained that it should’ve been obvious she had had an affair, since all Arthur ever cared about was Morgana. Then there was this really heartbreaking moment, where Morgana regrets everything, because she would rather give all the power up if she could’ve had Arthur, and he wanted her, but never admitted. They kiss, all very pretty. But then Mordred kills Arthur, and gets killed, pretty much the same as the show. And Merlin kills Morgana, but before she dies, she tells Gwen that she will be an amazing queen. Then Arthur and her die side by side, there’s this white light and we know they meet each other in Avalon. So they did change the future, because for some reason, Voldemort didn’t exist anymore, and the closing scene was Harry with his parents, going to Hogwarts. It also sort of got implied that everyone from Camelot reincarnated on the future. I woke up in tears.

That sounds like a wonderful dream anon! And 1000x better than what actually happened. This needs to happen. I really wish Morgana had stayed working from the inside for longer than she did. I need my ArMor. I need them to admit the way they felt in season 1. I need Morgana to regret everything she did and want to save him. I need them to be together in Avalon. I just need these things okay. Also, reincarnation AUs are my favorite! And your dream actually sounds closer to the legend than the actual show. Which is kind of sad when you think about it lol. Anyway, thanks for sharing your dream with me :)